Save Your Frugal Beauty Budget with Three Simple Oils

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Every woman wants to look her best, but most don’t have the money for designer products or expensive spa treatments. All you need for beautiful hair, skin and nails is three inexpensive oils you may have in your cupboard right now.

Hair Care

Is your hair dry with split ends from too much coloring and styling? A hot oil treatment will help immensely, but don’t run to the beauty store. Olive oil has been used by Italian women for centuries to condition their hair. Coconut oil is a bit more expensive, but it deep conditions and smells delicious. Put just a little bit of oil on your hair, mostly on the bottom half, and comb it through. Put on a shower cap and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash as usual, and your hair will be soft and shiny.

Skin Care

The same olive oil and coconut oil you used on your hair are excellent inexpensive skin conditioners. The best part is that it takes very little and it soaks in pretty quickly. You can even use them to clean oily skin without damaging cleansers. Simply put the oil on your skin and place a warm, moist washrag on it for a few minutes to open the pores. The oil and dirt from your pores will cling the the olive or coconut oil and wipe away easily, leaving soft, supple skin behind. Coconut oil is excellent at healing rough, cracked heels. Rub it in generously, then put socks on and sleep in them overnight. Soon, your heels will be soft and smooth.

Nail Care

If you have weak, dry, brittle nails, layering nail polish on them only makes it worse. The best conditioner for strengthening nails is castor oil. This amazing oil is a bit thick and gooey, so only use it at night or when you aren’t going anywhere. It soaks in and nourishes not only your nails but your cuticles and nail bed. In about a month, you will notice that your nails are healthier and stronger. While you’re at it, rub a little onto your eyebrows and eyelashes. Castor oil is an ingredient in many commercial eyelash thickening formulas. Soon you will notice thicker and healthier eyelashes and eyebrows.

It does not take a fortune to be beautiful, just a few common oils and a little time. Try these frugal beauty tips and you will be happy and save money too.

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