Using Aniracetam To Improve Your Mental Function

mentalhealthAniracetam, a nootropic drug, is said to be spectacular in treating the elderly who have Alzheimer’s disease, or who suffer from dementia. Additionally, Aniracetam is also a great supplement that improves the immune function, improves memory recollecting, gives stress relief, helps alleviate anxiety and depression, and enhances the cognitive abilities. Aniracetam, being around since the 1970s, has proen to be far superior than memory enhancing supplements, and even the Japanese tested and confirmed the extraordinary effects and benefits of this drug. And furthermore, Aniracetam is used to treat hypoxia, vertigo, epilepsy, dyslexia, and the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol.

Many people, doctors and patients alike, just love Aniracetam because it’s fast acting, and it’s a potent Racetam. As a matter of fact, Aniracetam is so effective, that a lesser dosage is required than Piracetam, even though Aniracetem is derived from it. The reason being is because Aniracetem has a higher enhancing effect of the AMPA receptors, which are known to assist with mental concentration and memory enhancement. The only effective dose required for Aniracetem is one milligram per pound of the body’s weight, and it’s recommended that one or two 750mg capsules should be taken daily.With all of the wonderful benefits of taking Aniracetam, there are, however, some precautions.

For one, there will be a breakdown of this drug, if taken with other nootropics because they work in synergy. Too much interaction of nootropics can cause headaches and/or nausea. Secondly, like any drug, it’s dangerous to take higher dosages than recommended by your doctor for more obvious reasons. Another thing is that it is dangerous for this drug to interact with alcohol. Nevertheless, it’s not a good idea that alcohol is interacted with any other drug at all anyway. Other than that, Aniracetem is nox-toxic, and it has very few side effects.

The way Aniracetem works is really amazing. Nootropics have proven to improve the cross-brain communication. This left and right side of the brain’s communication is joined together, which means that the brain’s logical side and the creative side is linked to produce better mental ability. And as result, mental alertness, physical reflexes, and memory recall are greatly improved.

Aniracetam has numerous advantages, and a very few disadvantages. It’s been around for ages, it has been tested, and it has been confirmed of how splendid this nootropic is.