Understanding What Beta Alanine Can Do for You

beginner_gym_workout_legs_largeTrying to stay in shape these days can be difficult. There was a point where everyone spent the day involved with heavy physical labor. It’s not hard to get a great workout in when that’s how one spends the entire day. However, most people today only have a limited amount of time which they can spend at the gym. Because of these time limits, it’s vital that one pack as much progress into every minute as possible. And that’s why many people take something known as beta alanine.

When one works out, his body is reacting in a million little ways on the cellular level. To the person working out, it simply feels like lifting a weight. To all the muscle fiber and cellular processes within his body, there’s a level of communication going on which surpasses the complexity of any supercomputer. When stress is placed on one’s body, there’s always going to be a reaction to determine how to deal with it. Sometimes that’s going to be pain, other times exhaustion, and sometimes a reaction to help one push beyond what seems to be the limit. That last reaction can be due to the release of specific cellular compounds, such as carnosine.

Carnosine helps to regulate other chemical signals which can cause muscle exhaustion. In turn, the carnosine is created in response to the availability of other compounds. In particular, production is dramatically ramped up in response to extra availability of beta alanine. By taking supplementary beta alanine, one increases the reactions which create carnosine, which in turn allows one to push past existing limits in a workout.

Simply getting a few more reps in might not seem very significant. However, the most important aspect of that isn’t the specific performance within an individual workout. By increasing one’s performance past the current set point, it also pushes the muscles to perform at a new level. This is also the general process by which one promotes muscle strength and growth. Pushing past one’s level essentially tells the body that it needs to push up the production of muscle cells to allow that task to become easier in the future. The beta alanine will allow one to quickly increase that process of muscle production, and reach new heights of performance and health.

Even better, the fact that it’s a natural part of human metabolism means that there’s few side effects. The only common reaction is a slight tingling when using larger doses. However, this is similar to what one experiences with niacin and isn’t dangerous or really significant in any way. It’s simply a minor sign that the body as a whole is ramping up production of the things a body needs to work at peak levels of performance.